Simple Squares + A Surprise

Hello again!

Today has been relatively uneventful but I did have an exciting lunch. I WENT HEALTH FOOD SHOPPING!

I really just went to pick up some more bars that I have been meaning to review on here, but I also got some stuff that I am saving for tomorrow’s post.  Stay tuned for a surprise!

I had to walk my sister’s dogs today because she is out of town for work. I had a bag of goodies waiting for me that my mom had left the last time she came to visit.  What I was most excited about was this GIANT bag of red wheat berries:

When my mom asked if I wanted these, I of course said yes even though I didn’t know what to do with them.  In doing some research, I found out that wheat berries are the edible part of wheat kernels and include the germ, bran, and endosperm.  They also have a high protein count and can cooked as a cereal, sprinkled on salads, or ground into flour.

There are two varieties of wheat berries: red and white.  The red berries, when ground, become whole wheat flour and the white berries become whole wheat white flour (NOT the same as white flour).


After dog walking, I had some more time during lunch to stop by a health food store that is near my work.  I stop in periodically because I get excited going to health food stores (I know, I’m weird).  I usually just wander around and marvel at things, but today I went to pick up some bars that I have become addicted to.


I am a bit of a snack/protein bar fiend and love to try all kinds of bars.  I used to be really into protein bars when I was more fixated with the gym and felt compelled to sample every one that was made.  These days I am more about bars that contain as few ingredients as possible and provide natural sources of energy like nuts.  
I came across these bars a month or two ago and bought one on a whim because I saw that it had rosemary in it which I love and thought was a unique ingredient.  It was SO GOOD.  I saved the wrapper in my desk so I could see the ingredients and try to recreate it at home (still on my to do list).  I bought another coffee flavored one and it was just as delectable! 
They have 6 flavors:

Each flavor has a base of only nuts, honey, sea salt, and vanilla. The 5th ingredient is whatever flavor the bar is made to be.  They use only organic, whole food ingredients and each spice/flavor is chosen not only for its taste, but also its benefits within the body.  To read more about their philosophy, visit their site here.
My only problem with them is the price.  They are $3 a piece at the store I go to and $30/box of 12 online which to me is still too much to spend on them as frequently as I’d like to eat them.  I might try and make something similar at home to try and cut the cost.
I bought the rosemary and coffee flavors because I know I already like them, but added the sage one to try it out.  I will report back to you once I try it (probably tomorrow).  I think the next one to try after that will be the cinna-clove. I am not a huge fan of coconut or ginger, but I feel like I should try them too so I can give a well rounded review 🙂
I also picked up a mini package of dark chocolate cacao nibs.  I have been meaning to try these since I see them mentioned a lot on websites that I visit.  I didn’t read the label closely enough though because I thought it was just cacao nibs.  These were covered in dark chocolate (which isn’t the end of the world), but maybe next time I will get some plain ones.  
I find that as I become more open minded to life, I am also more open minded to trying things at least once.  It is only by being able to try something I’m not familiar with that I can find out if I like it or not.  This concept is so broad that I can apply it to so many different areas of my life.

When I got home from work, this was waiting for me:

I asked my mom for the 32oz container for our Vitamix as a belated birthday present and it arrived today!! The 64oz container is sometimes too tall when making things like pesto and almond butter.  I can also use the smaller container to blend flours (I know someone who just came into some red wheat berries).  I am SUPER excited about this.  Thanks mom!!
You can definitely tell the smaller one hasn’t been used before.

Come visit tomorrow when I will reveal the surprise that I know everyone is waiting for…
I am off for more dog walking duty.  Everyone enjoy your night!


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