Legtastic Workout

I like to make up words.  Today’s word is “legtastic” and I think it adequately describes last night’s workout.  I get comparably as excited about exercise as I do about food, so today I wanted to tell you a little about why I am hobbling around.

Last night I went to the gym after work.  I wasn’t feeling sick anymore and it was just in time for LEG DAY at the gym.  I love leg day.  It is my favorite weight workout at the gym and it is my favorite place to be sore (I love to be sore from a workout if you’ve missed that from past posts).  Give me a workout where it hurts to sit the next day and I’m in heaven.

What made leg day even better was that I got to go with my friend who also happens to be a personal trainer (score!).  This is another example of why it is important to have other people in our lives.  You can get free personal training sessions!  I like to see what trainers do for their own workouts.  Then I like to pretend I am also a trainer and do it with them.  Then I limp into work in the morning 🙂

We both decided it was going to be a tough workout and so I came mentally prepared.  I am not sure my legs got the message.  Here is what we did (her weights were obviously heavier than mine though):

4×15 leg press (140, 2×180, 230lbs)
3×12 (each leg) single leg squat (15lbs)
3×12 hamstring curls (45lbs)
2×15 regular box jumps
2×10 side box jumps
walking lunges down 70ft hallway and back w/ 20 lb barbell
walking wide lunges down hallway and back, same weight
walking lunges down hallway and back (had to lose the weight ha)
We finished up with a few minutes of ab work and then called it a night.  Normally when I do a late night workout I do not wake up sore but get progressively sore as the day goes on.  This morning I woke up sore.  It should be an interesting two days.
With only 4 weeks until the wedding, the stress-inducing things are starting to pick up.  It is nothing that can’t be managed, but it’s always in the back of my mind.  Little things that I wish would just take care of themselves.  A great way to not let stress get the best of me is to talk about what is going on and exercise!  Running (especially) and working out are always good stress relievers for me.
Since I don’t like having a post without pictures (or food), here is what I will be having for lunch today:
Neil’s mom always make me some mystery concoction of lentils, corn, and delicious Indian spices.  It’s actually really filling and takes me a couple tries to finish it all.  Great for lunches!
Who else is glad it’s Friday? We have a potluck to go to tomorrow afternoon (where do all these potlucks keep coming from?) so after the farmer’s market tomorrow I will have to come up with something to make.  If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share!!
Question of the day: What is your favorite workout at the gym?


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