Running in the Dark

So I made a little error in planning my workout last night. There was a torrential downpour for most of the day (along with a tornado warning), but it cleared up in the afternoon and the temperature outside dropped about 10 degrees.  I had been contemplating whether to go to the gym or go for a long run since the trail is almost literally behind my work (is “almost literally” even a thing?).

I was sore from the HIIT class on Sunday (yessss) and felt like doing weights might make it worse.  Plus when I walked out of work, the weather immediately made up my mind for me.  It was a beautiful fall evening and the weather was perfect for running.  I was so excited that I changed in my car to save some time.  Baller.

Like I have shared previously, there is a regional park that stretches across where I live in VA and it is great for running and biking.  I have been researching watches to measure my distance and pace so I can randomly take off anywhere and know how long I have run, but until then this trail serves me quite nicely with mile markers every half mile.
I figured I would do 6 miles since that should put me right about at sunset.  The problem was that I misjudged the amount of daylight I had left and ended up having to run the last two miles in the dark.  I wish I had brought my phone because there were some AMAZING photo opportunities (and if I had tripped and fallen in the darkness), but I don’t like running with it because after awhile it feels too heavy.  Needless to say the last half of my run was completed much faster than my first.
For some reason it always takes me a mile or two to fall into rhythm with my pacing, breathing, everything.  I start thinking “wait, why am I doing this again?”  Then as I run outside and get into the swing of things I remember.  I reach a point where I feel like my body is on autopilot and it is just running on it’s own (much preferred to the days where I have to trudge through).  Just like that, the stresses of the day were gone.
When I got home, I revisited my old nemesis:
Not the avocado, the bright orange ball of death beside it.  This time, however, I learned my lesson and shielded my delicate hand with a ziploc bag.
My post run dinner consisted of:
– eggs
– spinach
– avocado
– habanero pepper
– sriracha (since I am a glutton for punishment apparently)
– slice of Ezekiel bread with Earth Balance
I made a sandwich for lunch today since I didn’t feel motivated to make bulk food for the rest of the week, but I ate it too fast and didn’t get a picture.  You guys have seen enough pictures of it lately though.  Here was my sandwich:
– spinach
– tomato
– avocado
– Ezekiel bread
I did remember to take a picture of my apple though in case you are interested.  It is one of the free ones from the hike I did on Saturday:
One of our patients brought in a bunch of stuff from her garden today at work.  I get my pick of peppers, mint, and nasturtium.  I have no idea what to do with nasturtium, but apparently I can eat it so I may take some home.  If anyone knows what to do with it or what it goes well with, please let me know!
My plan for this evening is to go home and relax and let my sore muscles get some rest.  I may or may not make something to take for lunch/dinner the rest of the week so stay tuned.  Hope everyone has a great day!
Question(s) of the day: What are some of your exercise mishaps? What is your meal strategy for the week? Prep or day by day? 

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