Two Roads

I ventured out again last night after work to try and get in a run before the sun went down. As you remember from last time, I had a little trouble judging when the sun set and ended up running in the dark.  This time I cut a mile off my run and made sure to get out of work on time and immediately on the trail.

I brought my phone with me because I hoped to capture the beautiful sunset of last week, but alas, there were no vibrant blues and oranges.  My pictures of the trail all look ominous instead of beautifully bathed in the rays of the setting sun.  Oh well.  Behold my ominous fall run:

Don’t mind if I do.
This is the beginning of my run.
There weren’t that many people out last night. Maybe they were being smart and avoiding the approaching darkness.
The trail stretches over the highway at a couple parts.
So naturally I stopped to creepily take pictures of those below me.
Now we rejoin nature.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the road less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost
Now to out run the moon on my run back.
My comfortable pace is a 10 min mile.  Where did these 9 min miles come from?? (Disregard lap 2, it was a mile and a half and also when I stopped to take all these lovely pictures).  The whole 5 miles averaged out to a 10 min mile, but I guess I got into a groove and knocked them out at the end.  Awesome!
Actually, I went for a quick 3 mile run this morning too and finished faster than I normally do.  Must be all this healthy eating and daily smoothies 🙂
I just finished off the last of my pumpkin black bean soup for lunch.  Boo. It’s so yummy and filling.  Check back tomorrow for the recipe!  Everyone have a great day!
Question of the day: What benefits have you seen from adopting a healthier lifestyle?


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