Nude Food Review

I haven’t done a food review in a little while, so I thought I would do one today.  I made another visit to the health food store the other day and came across an enticing new bar to try.  Meet Nude Food (I was too hungry to take a picture before I ate it):

I always feel like a creep going into that store because more often than not I don’t buy anything and instead just lurk up and down the aisles while I kill time during my lunch break. I always get asked if I need help finding something, but inevitably I have that problem where I get overwhelmed and leave empty handed.
Bars are a safe bet for me because I love them and I always like to have something on hand for when I need a snack.  The other day when I got this I wasn’t going to be able to eat dinner until around 9 pm so I knew I would need something.  
I chose this bar because I was intrigued by the flavor and it was PACKED with healthy goodies.  At 330 calories and 21 grams of fat I probably wouldn’t choose to eat this on the regular, but all those calories and fat grams were good ones so I chowed down.
Look at all those fantastic ingredients!
As a plus for all those with dietary restrictions, this bar is also vegan and gluten, dairy, corn, whey and soy free (whew!).  They also do not contain any GMOs.  It was definitely dense as the label promised and I was left feeling satisfied for a good couple of hours. The consistency wasn’t bad, but a couple bites tasted a little gritty for those who have issues with that.  There was also dark chocolate (BONUS), but not too much to overpower the bar.  Just right.
Check out the Nude Food website here.  Of course this healthy concoction is made in Colorado, where else?  They make many more flavors and types of healthy food than just this bar, so I will have to go back to check them out.  I get tired of the normal flavor combinations of chocolate or peanut butter (although I love them so), so seeing this flavor was an awesome find.  Props to Nude Food!
I haven’t done a giveaway in a little while, so I am thinking about what I can give this month.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  I have signed up for two blog swaps this month so I will be posting about those in the coming weeks.  I am super excited!!
Neil and I are off to the cabin this weekend so you may not hear from me until Sunday.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and that your weather looks as promising as ours!!
Question(s) of the day: What are your favorite healthy snacks? What items would you like to see in a giveaway?



  1. Chocolate Hanuman Chai.. Interesting.. I don't even know what that means…Chocolate chai I can wrap my head around. But how does Hanuman fit into that????

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