Fresh Market

It’s almost the weekend…just one more day.

Last night I made a trip to the grand opening of The Fresh Market on my way home.

My first impression was that it was laid out very nicely inside and felt welcoming.
It was smaller than I expected, but still had a lot of interesting things.  I think a lot of it was cosmetic (think fancy containers for everyday things), which also made the price unnecessary.  This area has a lot of disposable income so I think that this is a good store to have here.  I am just not comfortable spending so much when I know that I can get these things for cheaper at neighboring stores.
There were a lot of premixed granolas and other snack blends which looked appealing, but not to my wallet.  I just had a hard time wanting to buy any of these since I knew I could easily make them at home.  If you’re cool with the convenience, more power to you.  
I did like all the displays; they made me happy.  Coffee anyone?
I loved all these spices!
They did have a more eclectic selection of chocolate at this store than the other ones I have been to and I found TCHO chocolate which I have been hearing about.  I didn’t want to spend $5 on a chocolate bar, but if I ever want to, I know where to find it!
Overall, it was a nice store, but I think I was more impressed with the aesthetics than anything else.  They didn’t have any delicata or kabocha squash which disappointed me.  I had to sneak this picture because there were workers stocking the shelves and I was already getting weird looks wandering around the store taking pictures.
One thing that I did like and hadn’t seen before was a station for you to make your own peanut and almond butters.  Again, if I wasn’t already able to make these at home, I would jump at the chance to make a nut butter void of any extraneous ingredients.  Plus, who doesn’t like playing with things like this?
Today is day 4 of no gluten and I still feel the same.  I had the same breakfast (eggs and green smoothie), quinoa for lunch, and I am not sure what I am having for dinner.  Fruits, nuts, and vegetables for snacks.  I feel tired today, but I think that is because I went to bed late last night.  I can’t tell if there are any stomach changes, but so far I haven’t had an instance of carrying an air/food baby around.  If anything changes, I will let you know!
I hope that everyone has a great Thursday and enjoys the fall weather.  I’m not too keen on the daylight disappearing, but who is?
Question of the day: What is your favorite grocery store and why?


One comment

  1. I like Wegmans because the prices are practical for everyday items, there are a variety of different types of items that I couldn't find in all grocery stores, and they have a satisfying prepared food section with plenty of options. I can stop there and fulfill my practical list as well as my adventurous one. Also, if I go on the weekends, sometimes I can score samples. These things translate to one very happy customer.

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