I had another relaxing weekend which was awesome.  Neil and I have started taking Friday nights to have as our loosely termed “date night.”  So far the last 2 weeks have consisted of grocery shopping (which is exciting for me).  It is nice because we go to Wegmans and have dinner there and we can sit and talk. We have a no phone policy so that there are no distractions and we are able to catch up with each other about what is going on.  Last week I made the mistake of not getting enough food for dinner, so this week I rectified the situation:

– mixed greens
– roasted brussel sprouts
– candied yam
– butternut squash w/ cranberries
– roasted vegetables
– spaghetti squash w/olive oil and salt/pepper
I was STUFFED.  It was delicious.  After dinner I was craving some kind of warm fudgy brownie, so we actually had to go back to Wegmans and pick up a gluten free brownie mix.  Luckily we were still in the same shopping center.  I was very indecisive.  I don’t crave sweets the way that I used to, so I wasn’t even sure exactly what I was in the mood for.  We picked up this gem:
I used my trusty Earth Balance instead of margarine that the recipe calls for.
These were really good and hit the spot. I may have eaten three.  Whoops.
Sunday I went for a 5 mile run in the cardio cinema and then treated myself to this delicious sandwich at a local organic restaurant:
– black beans
– tomato
– onion
– bell peppers
– hummus
– feta cheese
I say I treated myself because it cost me $10 for this sandwich.  In the future, it is easily something that I could recreate at home, but I was hungry and this is the only place I know of around my house that has a multitude of gluten free options.  This bread was gluten free and actually wasn’t half bad.  Everything I have gotten there tastes fresh and delicious. MMM.
At night I made maple spiced pecans and did chores around the house while football was on.  So begins another week, but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving! One less day of work in the week.  I hope everyone else had a great weekend and I will check back soon!
Question of the day: How did you spend your weekend?

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