Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Wednesday! It is ever so slightly snowing here which is ok with me as long as I don’t get wet.  Not a fan of that.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is no work (yay!).  We are going to spend the day with some family in MD.  I was set to make the trail mix cookies because everyone loves them so much, but we got a last minute nut allergy alert so I may be making healthy cookie bites instead.

Last night was cold and rainy, so we ordered Thai food and curled up with a movie.  I asked them to actually make it spicy this time (as opposed to the white American “spicy”) and was greatly rewarded with a pile of tissues next to me.  I LOVE mango sticky rice and don’t get it too often, so I didn’t eat rice with the dinner portion since I was going to inhale a large quantity for dessert:

– chicken
– bell peppers
– thai peppers
– broccoli
– basil
Sadly, I am not sore enough after my leg workout on Monday.  I am not sure why since I made sure to increase the weight in order to continue making progress, but maybe it is because I am turning into a superhero.  Because of this, I am planning on hitting up the gym for round 2 tomorrow morning before we leave for MD.  It’s always good to get in a workout before a Thanksgiving dinner.
On a completely unrelated side note, I bought these boots from Kohl’s the other day and they are FANTASTIC.  They are so comfortable and my feet didn’t hurt at all after wearing them all day at work.  Normally I wear flip flops throughout the winter, so when I like a pair of real shoes it is for good reason.
I hope that everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving.  I will try and get a post in tomorrow but we will see how the day goes.  Stay warm today!
Question of the day: What is your plan to stay healthy during Thanksgiving?

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