Hump Day Happenings

Happy Wednesday!  Nothing of significance happened yesterday and I was also stricken with a head void of deep thoughts, so I went shopping and grabbed a present or two that I had been meaning to get.  Who else is excited for the holidays?

Last night Neil and I tried out an experiment in our new rice cooker.  I had had my old one for easily 5 years and I think the heating element may have been shot since there was always a layer of rice/quinoa stuck to the bottom whenever I used it.  So we did an upgrade:

This cooker can cook rice and other things at the same time due to a a cooking tray that you can put in on top of the cooking rice.  Last night we made a dinner of brown rice, chicken, onions, 5241654 thai chili peppers, and some seasonings.  Here is the final product:
unadulterated version

It was delicious! Granted it took about an hour and I finished off all the maple spiced pecans while I was waiting, but it was still worth throwing everything together and letting it cook by itself.  The possibilities are endless!

It was also my turn at work to make something for the sisterhood of the traveling pan, so I made Naughty & Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole from Oh She Glows.  My version was vegetarian since I used real cheese, but it was still delicious.  The story behind the pan is that a patient brought us a dessert in it and didn’t want it back, so we decided to draw a name every week and that person would bring something made in the pan.  We have been having WAY too many sweets at work lately (see here), so I made something a little healthier.
Of course I didn’t take a picture, but you can look at the ones on Angela’s site and imagine mine looked just as delectable.  I bought these healthier chip options to accompany it:
Look at all that good stuff!!
To conclude, I titled this post hump day happenings because it also ties in with the exciting new exercise I will be doing during LEG DAY tomorrow.  Check back for more on the hip thrust.  Get it?  I am very excited about it.  I had a good run Monday night in the cardio cinema and I think all the work on my legs has improved my pace time.  I was comfortably running at 6.5 mph and wasn’t watching the treadmill to see when it would be over.  Yay for progress!
I hope everyone has a great hump day and I will check back in with you tomorrow!
Question of the day: What is something that you are excited about this week?

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