Unsolicited Advice

Yay happy Friday!  First off, let me tell you how my hip thrusting went last night (that’s what she said?).  I was SUPER excited to add this exercise to my routine and I can say that it did not disappoint.  The only problem I found with it was my own form which I think needs to be tweaked.  For the amount that I did, I am not nearly as sore as I should be and some of it is actually creeping into my lower back so I will do more investigating and correct that.

For dinner, I made some eggs for protein, but then decided I also wanted some leftover mushroom something from our reception.  I have no idea what it actually is, I just know there are mushrooms, cashews, and deliciousness involved.  I combined the two in a bowl and my dinner was out of this world! The picture may not be too appetizing, but I swear it was great!

For today, I wanted to talk about something that I have been thinking about lately.  
I used to have a serious problem with judging other people on whatever, it didn’t matter.  I wrote a post that referenced this a little while ago.  I judged others because I wasn’t happy with myself.  Once I began to accept myself, the judging went away.  I am not saying that it never happens, but it doesn’t preoccupy me anymore. 
So when I hear people talk about doing things that are obviously unhealthy, I don’t know what to do.  I want to offer helpful ideas or ways to change the patterns that they are comfortable with, but I know that this isn’t really my place and can be received negatively.  It can come across as condescending and preachy.  They never said that they actually wanted to change anything.
Therefore, what I have been doing is nothing.  Unless someone specifically asks me for advice, I don’t feel that it is my place to force it on them.  I have learned this through my journey in recovery.  As much as you may want someone to stop something, you can only control yourself.  They will only stop that behavior if it is their decision to do so.
The best thing that I can do is lead by example.  I can live my life the way that is best for me and if someone finds that appealing, they will most likely ask me about it.  People know that I exercise and practice eating well most of the time, and some of them have asked me specifically about it.  To those people I explain the what, why, etc or offer the advice that they have asked me for.  I have learned that just because I think it is awesome and exciting, someone else may not.
It does get frustrating sometimes because I can get so excited about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and I want others to share them too.  I have to remember that it doesn’t make me better than anyone else, it is just a different way of life.  This is the best way for me to choose to live my life, and it is not for me to tell you that your way is wrong.  It’s just different.  
Question of the day: How do you feel about unsolicited advice?

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