Oh how I wish it was still the weekend.  I am loving these uneventful weekends that we keep having because it gives me time to do things around the house and also just relax.  It’s a big contrast to our weekends before the wedding.

This weekend we met up with some friends for lunch and walked around the town a little afterwards. There was a market tucked away where I found this:

I can’t say that it was delicious mainly because of the mulberries which I have discovered I don’t really like and the cacao nibs which I am also averse to if I can taste them by themselves.  I use them in the trail mix cookies, but my mouth does not like them on their own.  I bought a second one that does not have mulberries, so that will probably be good.  Minus those ingredients, this one was good as well.
Saturday night we went to see the local symphony orchestra perform a holiday concert which was also pretty enjoyable.  Since we hadn’t had dinner beforehand and it ended up being close to 10 when we got out, we hit up trusty IHOP.  I was really craving a waffle which is weird because I always get omelets there, so I figured what the heck.  It was fab.
I got it without the huge amount of cream that was advertised on it.  I don’t think my stomach would have been able to handle all this bread and dairy.
Sidenote: although I mentioned that my gluten experiment revealed that I wasn’t really sensitive to gluten, I may reconsider that stance.  I had some gluten foods last week and did notice that my stomach was doing the weird pregnancy thing again, but only slightly.  I don’t have any other symptoms besides that, so I think my plan will be to avoid it most of the time, but if I am in the mood for a waffle, IM’A EAT IT.  It’s similar to my issue with dairy–a calculated risk.  I know how my body will react to it and if I wish to avoid that reaction, then I will.
Yesterday the weather was horrible and we got a mix of snow and sleet all day and night.  I went to the gym in the morning and knocked out 5 miles in about 45 min.  My focus on my leg workouts has seriously improved my running ability.  I went from comfortably running 6 mph to 6.5 mph in a matter of days.  I also ran the last mile and a half yesterday at 6.7 mph.  I AM A MACHINE.  Jk, but maybe I will be one day.
I grabbed Panera on the way home and devoured my trusty Fuji Apple Chicken salad (minus the dressing):
For dinner we ordered a veggie thin crust pizza.  I never thought that I would enjoy a pizza that didn’t have regular crust and lots of cheese, but this pizza is really good.  It is also amazing how light it is and how after eating 3 pieces I don’t feel like I have to roll myself up the stairs:
I also made some mini crunch bars with peanut butter drizzle, but I will save those for another day.  I hope the weather cooperates for everyone and you enjoy your Monday!

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