Superfood Cereal Review

Hello all! Let me end this week with a review of a delicious (and healthy) cereal.  I came across this fantabulous creation yesterday when I spent my lunch break in Wegmans.  Of course, where else do I spend my free time?

This Hemp & Greens Cereal from Healthy Intentions is packed full of wonderfully healthy ingredients. I ate half the bag on the way back to work…whoops!  I could eat it like cereal and use up the excess of almond milk that I have in the fridge, but honestly it tastes really good by itself.  I didn’t even mind the slight coconut taste even though I usually hate coconut. Bonus is it is also gluten-free.

Here is a more detailed explanation of these wonderfully healthy ingredients:

I swear it’s so good! Neil even ate a second helping when I brought it home last night.  I am interested in checking out all the other fantastic foods that they have.  The only problem was that this bag was $8, so if I really wanted to eat it as a cereal, I would end up needing like 2 or 3 bags a week which is WAY more than I am trying to spend on breakfast.  As a granola-type snack every once in awhile I can get down with this though.  I purposefully left the bag at home today so I wouldn’t eat it all. MMM.
Last night I did another leg day and as an update on those hip thrusts, I have gone down to perfecting the bridges first because I could tell that I was using my back more than I should.  I want to work up the glute muscles first and I can feel more of a workout with weighted bridges than I was with the thrust which means that I need to work on my form.  For now though, these are killing my backside just fine!
I also scooped up some more Sriracha at the store since I heard the news that they have had to halt production for a month. NOOOOOOO.  Check it out here if you need to always be aware of what is going on in the world of Sriracha like I do.  Check out that sweet bag of lentils behind it.  I’m pumped about those too.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and it doesn’t go by too quickly for you!!


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