Typical Tuesday

Today is nothing spectacular.  It’s Tuesday.  Mondays can be dreaded and then I think from Wednesday onward you can look forward to the coming weekend, but Tuesday is just a blah day.  At least it is a day I get off early from work.  Neil and I have a dinner planned so stay tuned for that tomorrow.  I am making a vegetable I have never made before and never thought I would enjoy in my life.  IT’S A MYSTERY.

Last night I ran 5 miles in 46:12 while watching Casino Royale in the cardio cinema.  Tight.  Only problem was all the action and me losing my balance while watching like an uncoordinated child.  Whenever there were chase scenes I had to look away.  I assume people thought I was frightened, which I was, but of falling on my face in a terrible treadmill accident.

Since we all like food here, here are some pictures of meals I had over the past few days:

– veggie burger with hot sauce (duh), lettuce, tomato, and onion
– bowl of Hemp & Greens cereal with almond milk
– mixed greens with couscous, beans, tomatoes, etc at Wegmans
After my coconut flour brownie failure over the weekend, my prayers were answered yesterday when I found a new recipe on my favorite site.  I am going to make them this weekend as a trial because I’d like to take them to the in laws for Christmas Eve dinner.  Post to follow!
Everyone have a great day and check back tomorrow for my veggie surprise!

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