I hope everyone had an awesome holiday! Now that it is over, I think I can fall back into a more normal posting schedule.  Since I have missed a few days, here is a recap of the week:

Christmas Eve we went to Neil’s parent’s house and had dinner with some of his family.  I brought my healthier peanut butter balls from Oh She Glows and they were a hit. I will post the recipe later on.  We had a delicious Mexican dinner and exchanged Secret Santa presents.

Christmas was very low key and we just opened presents and relaxed (maybe napped again in the afternoon).  I got my Garmin Forerunner 10 that I asked for so now I will be able to know how far I actually run when I take off into the wild.
Speaking of running, I had to cut my run short Monday night because I was feeling some pain in my knee.  Usually that will remedy itself by the morning, but when I woke up it still hurt.  Thankfully I work with medical professionals who checked me out and then scolded me for improperly (not at all) stretching my IT band.  I used to never stretch at all, but make a point to do some stretches when I run now that I am getting older (lame).  I don’t stretch my IT band though because, well, I don’t know how.  The main stretch I have seen for IT band apparently sucks and the best thing to do is invest in a foam roller. I have been throwing this idea around for some time so I guess it is time to stop relying on the rolling pin in the kitchen and foam roll myself to better health.  
Last night I enjoyed some Lactaid Eggnog like a 90 year old woman.  It was DELICIOUS.
I still have a backlog of pictures to post so I may randomly be throwing those in the rest of the week.  I hope everyone had a holiday and enjoy the rest of the week if you’re still off work!!  
Question of the day: What was the best party of your holiday celebrations??

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