WIAW: Snow Day Edition

This is the first What I Ate Wednesday and I have Stephanie at My Freckled Life to thank for indirectly helping me jump on the bandwagon! I knew about the idea of linkups, but somehow always managed to confuse myself when trying to do them.  She so kindly explained it to me and voila–here I am!  So check her out!

For more explanation of what WIAW is, please visit Jenn’s blog here for an explanation.  It’s an awesome site and an awesome way to discover new friends!  I chose to use last’s week’s snow day because the foods I ate wee more exciting than what I take to work everyday.  I’m sure that as I make this a recurrent thing, you will be bored to death with the repetitive nature of my meals and snacks.  What can I say, I’m a creature of habit.


I normally have a very mundane plate of scrambled eggs every morning, but since it was an exciting day off from work, Neil made me scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and a small amount of cheese. I tend to steer away from dairy since my stomach doesn’t like it, but that day I went CRAZY. WATCH OUT.


My eggs are always paired with a green smoothie every morning: kale, pineapple, chia seeds, and water.



My sister bought us a Himalayan salt plate for Christmas, so we took it for an inaugural run.  You heat it up and then cook whatever food you want on it.  You can even put raw sashimi on it (which we did a few days later) without heating it up to flavor it.


I made the Oh She Glows Best Shredded Kale salad since I am obsessed with it



I made raw peanut butter cups and paired them with homemade espresso since we were snowed in:


That was the second dessert attempt I had of the day because the other cookies I experimented with tasted like poop and looked like it as I washed the batter down the drain:



We used the remaining steak tips from lunch and Neil whipped up a pasta/vegetable/steak dish with brussel sprouts.  It was nice to sit back and have dinner made for me! He pan cooked the sprouts and they were just as good as my oven roasted ones!


That’s it for today’s What I Ate Wednesday: Snow Edition! I am still sick, but on the upswing, so I’m planning to head to the gym tomorrow after work.  I have been craving a long run since my injury hasn’t allowed me to as of late.  I don’t like going so long without being able to run, so hopefully I will be able to soon.  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and thank you all so much for the kind words after yesterday’s post.

Question of the day: What did YOU eat today?



  1. Yay for WIAW! I’m so excited that you decided to join in!! Also, your food looks so good! I’ve seen those salt plates, but honestly never really knew what to do with them! You’ll have to give us a how-to guide! Also, if only I could get my husband to eat brussel sprouts… they look so good!

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