WIAW: Sunday Funday

Happy Wednesday! I’m glad to have this post to write during the week because it gives me a way to get all these million food pictures off my phone.  I still decided to not do a weekday food post because it is boring and my pictures look so much better on the weekend.  I promise…one of these days…

If you are unfamiliar with What I Ate Wednesdays, check out Jenn’s blog here.  Thanks so much for providing this linkup!!

Sunday was pretty low key and involved a lot of time in the kitchen for me. Stereotype much?



His and hers smoothies. I am a gluttonous smoothie drinker and must have it before I take a picture.  Kale, pineapple, chia, ice, and water.


Neil made eggs with broccoli and onion we had left in the fridge.


We ate at Wegmans before we went shopping and I got this gem of a salad:


Mixed greens, mushrooms, brussel sprout slaw, butternut squash, a buried asparagus, and cabbage for color (and nutrients, but mainly color).


I was really full from the garden I ate for lunch, so I didn’t snack much that day. We did stop at a new coffee shop near us though. Legit.



I threw together another garden in a bowl:


Kabocha squash, savoy cabbage, mushrooms, onions, carrots, quinoa with a dressing made from apple cider vinegar, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt/pepper.


I made these Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Oh She Glows (big surprise).  I used peanut butter instead of sunflower butter because who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter together? The main thing I love about making vegan cookies is that I can always eat the batter without risking food poisoning (and I have taken that risk many times. It’s necessary.).


Stay tuned this week for some things that excite me and may or may not excite you.  One will, one may not.  Either way you’ll have to check back to decide for yourselves.  Mwahaha.

Question of the day: What did you eat today? How much cookie dough do you eat?



    1. Thanks! I love bright colors (not for my clothes strangely enough) so I just try and put stuff together to make a color explosion 🙂 yeah the broccoli is not bad you should try it out!

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