Oh She Glows Cookbook Giveaway

Happy Friday! Ok, so now as promised, something exciting for you! Don’t lie though; you know my finds at Costco were equally as exciting and fulfilling to you.  As you may have guessed by the title (or not because you were so excited to read my words of wisdom that you skipped over that part), I am doing a giveaway of The Oh She Glows Cookbook!

20140310-152554.jpgFirst, however, you will have to humor me and read what my weekend plans are.  Tomorrow I am running the Lucky Leprechaun 5K which was exciting until I realized that it is still COLD in the mornings.  Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to be beautiful, but I hate running in the cold darkness of the morning.  Oh well.  Maybe this is a chance for me to layer on even more obnoxious green clothing items.  Challenge accepted.

I ran my own 5K last night at the gym to make sure that my knee wasn’t giving me problems again.  Since my IT/hip flexor/who knows what issue, I haven’t been able to log any significant distance.  I have taken it super easy with running which is not what I’d like to be doing, but it gives me an opportunity to cross train which is what I should be doing anyway.  My knee only started to twinge a bit at the end of the run which is an improvement, but no pain would be greatly appreciated.  At least I know I won’t have any surprises tomorrow.

Sunday I am excited because Neil’s parents are having a party for Holi, the festival of colors.  This means I get to wear the brightest and most obnoxious sari possible and maybe welcoming Spring will actually welcome Spring.  I will take many pictures and you can call me Rainbow Bright.

Ok, now on to what you’re really here for.  Wordpress is lame and won’t let the actual widget pop up on this post, but click on the link below (“A Rafflecopter Giveaway”) and you will be transported to your ticket to this AMAZING cooking resource.  The giveaway is open now until midnight on Sunday (3/16), so make sure to get your entries in over the weekend! Check back Monday for the winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Question of the day: What are your weekend plans? Do you do any races? Why or why not?



  1. I love doing races in the spring, but can’t any time of the year. It’s always to hot in the summer and too cold in the fall and winter!

  2. Yes! My daughter who is 7 and I will be running the “spring run” — ha, ha! If spring ever comes! She will do 2 miles and I will tackle a 10K… it’s been 10 years since I’ve done a 10K race!

  3. Hi Erin I don’t run but I do Zumba, hip hop and boot camp classes as often as I can! I live to work out with friends. I got turned on to Oh She Glows and live her recipes. I just made the cauliflower Alfredo with the nutritional yeast, it was amazing. I live cooking, it’s been about over a year since I switched to a vegetarian/ vegan diet, I still like to have the occasional egg and cheese but it is less and less. Thanks for your offer

  4. I would love to have a copy of this! I absolutely love her blog and have made so many amazing recipes from it.

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