Weekend Eats

Happy Monday!

Today has been a weird day so far just in terms of my stress level.  It is normally not an issue, but for some reason today I decided to think of every possible thing that I need to do this YEAR and worry about it.  My life is not unmanageable by any means, but today I have decided to make it that way by compounding tasks upon tasks.  Sooooo I am working on calming the f down and remembering that every single thing I need to do does not need to be done RIGHT THIS MINUTE OMG. What a weirdo.

In order to calm me down a bit, let us recap the weekend and the food that was had.  This means that this week’s What I Ate Wednesday will finally be a boring daily work one.  I know you are PUMPED.

Saturday Neil and I went out to lunch at Kraze Burger. I got this veggie burger on a whole rack of greens:


After that, I went to a friend’s son’s birthday party.  It was nice to catch up since I don’t see them as often as I should. I didn’t take any pictures because I was busy eating hummus and cleaning my cookies up off the floor.  I didn’t have enough peanut butter in them this go round and although they were still delicious, most of them ended up crumbled on the floor despite numerous warnings that the whole thing needs to go in your mouth at once (twss).

Sunday we had another couple over for brunch.  I made Maple Apple Pear Baked Oatmeal from the Oh She Glows Cookbook and Neil made an awesome salmon and egg/veggie/greens masterpiece:




He came up with a brilliant idea to saute some veggies, cover with greens, then steam cook eggs in order to solidify it all together.  We make a great team because we both are good at making foods that the other one is not.  I am great at baking things and following recipes and he always comes up with awesome ideas like this on a whim.  I have been getting better about impromptu cooking, but he definitely takes the cake on that one.  Brunch was a success!

Last night we stayed in and watched 3 movies in a row because we haven’t spent much time together during the week.  It was nice to just relax and enjoy the time.

Just for fun, I will also include this flattering picture of me after I decided to test my lactose intolerance by drinking raw milk.  I know someone who is extremely lactose intolerant but is able to drink raw milk, so naturally I had to try it as well.  Conclusion: drinking any form of milk will result in a delayed release milk baby.  You’re welcome.

20140324-154241.jpgQuestion of the day: How was your weekend? Do you have any food intolerances? If so, would you like to film the next Alien movie with me?



  1. Your meals look so delicious!! Although I totally feel you on that milk baby thing… I am the same way if I have too much dairy. But sometimes I just go for it anyway. haha. I am horrible about dealing with my digestive issues!

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