WIAW: Work Edition

Happy Wednesday! As promised, I will finally be able to share with you the riveting eats that occur during a work week.  I get creative on the weekend, but am very habitual during the week.  Once I find something that I like, I usually eat it to death.  I used to eat Subway every day for months upon months.  Same sub, every day.  I am a very exciting person. If you are not familiar with What I Ate Wednesday, check out Jenn’s blog for an explanation and how to participate.  Thanks Jenn for the linkup! Here are my action packed eats from yesterday:


Same breakfast every morning: green smoothie and eggs with mushrooms



Morning Snack

Double espresso, banana, brussel sprouts (not at the same time. gross.)





Quinoa with mushrooms and Sriracha


Afternoon Snack

I went to a local health food store to track down some MTO (made to order) kombucha from a local brewer.  I had seen they had a lime-basil flavor and had to have it immediately.  I also found these vegan/gluten free cookies that I was compelled to buy. I will not buy them again.  They tasted nothing like peanut butter. If anyone wants the second one, let me know. It’s in my car.



To make up for these cookies, I ate some apple slices with almond butter. I was too lazy to make my own this time, so it’s store bought.  I’m planning on whipping up some maple almond butter soon. MMMM.



I met Neil for dinner at Which Wich and got the same thing I always get and share with you: bowl with spinach, black bean patty, hummus, Sriracha, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms:


We had a date night at Costco (don’t hate) and I picked up some more brussel sprouts.  I think 4lbs should last me a week.  (I didn’t technically eat these yesterday, but I would have if they were cooked).


Question of the day: What did you eat yesterday? Are you a routine eater or do you have more variety in your meals?


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