WIAW: Monday Edition

Happy Wednesday! The week is almost over. Well, my week ends tomorrow because Neil and I are going out of town Friday-Sunday, but it is still taking a while to get there!  I am a little crunched for time today, so let’s jump right in to What I Ate Wednesday!

If this is your first experience with What I Ate Wednesday, head on over to Jenn’s blog to get all the exciting details.  It’s a great accountability tool and also a good source of meal inspiration!


Here we go again: scrambled eggs and mushrooms + green smoothie (kale, pineapple, chia seeds)



I also seem to have left out that I also drink a full glass of water with about 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar every morning. There is no picture of that because it looks like a glass of water.  If I posted all the water I drank in a day it would be a wash. Get it?? Like the water would wash it away?? I drink a lot of water.


Double espresso, apple/homemade almond butter, and a banana.  I drink this espresso over a period of hours because otherwise it makes me feel sick.  I have recently noticed more sensitivity to caffeine which is weird because I have been drinking it for a long time. I will ponder on this.

Jazz apples are my favorite apples ever.  If you get a good one, they taste like a candy apple without the candy on it.  Sweet, tart, and flavorful.  I hate mealy apples that taste like water. Gross.






My mother in-law always gives me lots of food when we see her (I’m not complaining).  This is a combination of lentils, beans, peas, corn, and delicious Indian spices.



I don’t really know if this counts as a snack because it’s a drink, but I have it after my lunch in the gap between lunch and dinner.  I think all the bubbles help me from mindless munching.



I actually split the lunch into two because I found myself really full while eating it.  So just recall that picture and that’s what I put in my mouth. Part deux.

I think I probably munched on some dates that night too because yes I still have a weird craving for them. MMM.

Question of the day: What did you eat today? What was your favorite meal/snack/drink of the week?



  1. Thats definitely a perk of living close to your family. Lucky lady! Favorite food as of today – well it’s only 4 in the morning but I’m sure my breakfast oats will be good. :

  2. Love seeing your food blog posts. Everything looks delish. But I don’t understand how you can eat so little of it. I’d be starving. Here is what I ate today:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs + 10oz chai soy latte that I made at home
    Snack: 1/4 cup women’s vitality mix trailmix and peanut butter cookie
    Lunch: French bread, cucumber, tomato salad, white bean, and olive salad
    Snack: Ice cream (1/2 cup), granny smith apple, 2 crackers, and a slice of meat
    No dinner yet but I am feeling sick after run and probably won’t eat much. I had planned on eatign beans, 1/4 an avocado, salsa, and spinach.
    Kinda of a health food fail…

    1. Trust me that lunch was deceptively filling! I try and eat based on what my body is telling me and some days I’m much hungrier than others. There are definitely times when I deplete my snack drawer at work!

  3. Yummmm!!! I love pretty much all Indian food, so I love seeing all your yummy indian dishes! It makes me wish I had more experience with true indian cooking – I never seem to be able to recreate things right!

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