WIAW: Ocean City Edition

Happy Wednesday! The sun is finally out, but it is deceptively chilly.  Also it hailed last night. Whacktastic.  I am in denial about the fact that I may have allergies. I have been sniffling for the past three days after sleeping with the window open.  I don’t feel sick per se, but I am just going to pretend that my nose is normally supposed to behave like this since I have never had allergies before. Boo.

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I am going to recap my foods from the road this weekend.  There are some healthy eats and some “I haven’t had pancakes in a long time so I am going to get the most gluttonous ones and slather them in syrup and eat them all” ones.  Either way, they were all delicious!  If you are unfamiliar with What I Ate Wednesday, head over to Jenn’s blog to read up about it.  Thanks Jenn!


Before we set out, I had my normal eggs/mushrooms and green smoothie:



Saturday had a veggie omelet that was slightly disappointing.  We love going to this place, but I think they have better lunch selections.


Sunday I had these pancakes at 9 am and wasn’t hungry again until 430 pm. No regrets.



I already told you about our disappointing trip to The Greenhouse.  My black bean burger was tolerable, but I felt it was overpriced and the bread left something to be desired.


Saturday we got Chipotle.  Neil loves Chipotle and eats there almost every day. I used to as well until I realized that eating the same quantity of food as my husband was not the best plan.  This day I ate all of this and was happy I did.



Friday we got crab cake sandwiches from a place we always go to. They had just opened that day. Thank God. Kale as a garnish? No thank you I will eat it all on my sandwich.


Saturday I got a chicken wrap with veggies and sweet potato fries.  They were really good, but I could only eat like 5 and then hit my limit. That wrap was really filling (especially after Chipotle for lunch)!20140416-141954.jpg


Like I posted the other day, I pack like I am going to starve to death on road trips.  While we were there I munched on most of these things whenever I was hungry between meals.


So that’s my weekend of eats.

Question of the day: Do you pack like a mad woman on road trips? Has anyone else suddenly developed allergies as an adult? Not cool.



  1. Mmm I had crabcakes on Sunday 😀 They were delightful! Chipotle is my haven but having everyday I could not, lol. Kind bars! Love them 🙂 Have a great one Erin! -Iva

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