WIAW: Easter Edition

Yay for another post full of food! Even though we didn’t really do anything to celebrate Easter, it was the only defining word for last weekend. Hence this Easter Edition of What I Ate Wednesday.  If you are unfamiliar with WIAW, head over to Jenn’s blog to check out what all the fuss (and food) is about!


I started off the morning with (what else) eggs, mushrooms, and a green smoothie:


Easter Sunday we met a friend for brunch and I ordered a veggie omelet.  They did not tell me that there was cheese, but after all the cheese I had already had the day before…whatever. It was delicious.



We met up with some friends on Saturday and were originally going to grab lunch at a local diner. When the wait ended up being about an hour (or more), we found this place a couple doors down that had outside seating and and AWESOME farm to table menu.  I got the portabello burger with peppers and basil (MMMMM) and I think all the mozzarella cheese in existence.


Apparently that was the only exciting picture of lunch I had from the week.  The brunch on Sunday filled me up until dinner that night.


Friday night we went out for sushi since we hadn’t had it in awhile. I love sushi but we always eat it so fast! We were in and out of there in probably like 20 minutes.



Saturday we ended up ordering Indian food from a place nearby that has gotten some pretty good reviews.  Apparently we went crazy with eating out this weekend.  I got butter chicken and Neil got lamb biryani.


Sunday is a whole bunch of nonsense.  We had bought some langostino from Costco the other day. Langostino is marketed as a kind of tiny lobster, but upon further research is more related to a hermit crab (mmm?). Anyway, the meat was already cooked and we thought we would throw it in to some kind of pasta dish. Neil worked his spice magic and I made some black bean pasta. Everything smelled delicious until I started to eat it.


I realized there was some kind of burning smell if I smelled it closely. Don’t judge me for smelling my food. I knew I had smelled this chemical smell before but could not place it.  Neil tried cooking it longer to get rid of the smell, but that only made it more pronounced.  FINALLY I realized where I had smelled this before. It smelled like my hamster cage when I was neglectful in cleaning it in a timely manner.  It smelled like ammonia.  Sooooo we did not eat this wannabe lobster hermit crab and ordered a pizza instead. Yay for more take out and sorry no picture because we were drowning our sorrows in cheese and sauce (lottttaaaaa cheese this weekend).

Question of the day: What did you eat this weekend? Anyone eat/drink ammonia? 



  1. Oh no!!! That’s crazy! At least you noticed the smell before you guys ate it! Yikes! Looks like a fun weekend though – sometimes you just need those weekends to get out and eat some different foods!

  2. “Anyone eat/drink ammonia?” LOL!!

    I was thinking how cool they looked and I’ve gotta try it. Girl.. sometimes I get ADD, stop reading and buy things. Glad I continued to read..omg… barf! Other than that, everything looked SO delicious!

  3. That sushi looks amazing! Yum! I had sushi too! If I could I would probably eat sushi every day and not have a problem with it! P.S. What do you put in your green smoothie? My green smoothies are never green, so wondering your combo.

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