WIAW: Bikram Edition

What is happening with this weather? I did not start off the day well.  It seemed that the only times I was required to walk outside before work it was monsooning.  Once I got inside, it quieted to a calm drizzle.  Oh well.  I have a space heater at work because I am always freezing and that helped dry my soaking pants.  I hate wet clothes.

I will be posting my Foodie Pen Pal post tomorrow since the last day of the month happens to be on a Wednesday and I can’t miss What I Ate Wednesday!  If you are unfamiliar, hop on over to Jenn’s blog and see what it’s all about. It’s tight.

Here are some highlights from Saturday’s Bikram class and subsequent Garden Festival.  Enjoy!


I didn’t want to eat my normal breakfast right before yoga for fear I would vomit it everywhere, be asked to leave, told my other sessions would be voided, and leave with my head hanging in shame, so I ate half of a Vega Sport Energy Bar to prevent myself from the aforementioned.  I also drank 2 giant glasses of water in rapid succession which meant that I went to the bathroom about 4 times.  I drink a LOT of water but also have a small bladder so most people think there is something wrong with me.


Post Yoga Snack

I came home and made a protein smoothie of blueberries, chocolate Spiru-tein protein powder, mixed greens, and chia seeds.  I also ate a banana (not pictured).



I got this avocado quinoa salad at the festival from The Randy Radish.  This is the same place that I got a Jackfruit BBQ sandwich at the Loudoun Grown Expo.  The salad was pretty small, so I took a few bites of Neil’s grilled chicken and fried rice.


Snack #2

After the festival we went to buy new running shoes and stopped at Best Buy where I ate my last Vega Snack Bar.


When we got home I made some cashew milk:



Apparently I can’t get away from scrambled eggs and mushrooms.  We couldn’t come up with anything exciting for dinner, so since I didn’t have this as my normal breakfast, I made it for dinner.  We also chomped on a huge head of broccoli for a snack throughout the night (not pictured).


Those were my exciting Saturday eats.  I also made sure to drink copious amounts of water since I sweated out about 50% of all the water in my body that morning.  Stay hydrated!

Question of the day: What have you been eating lately?



  1. I love festival/farmers market food – especially when you can find some fun, healthy options! It’s so nice to be able to try some totally random new food without the commitment of having to purchase a whole meal or a huge sample!

  2. Whatever that drink is it looks HORRIBLE, lol. Don’t drink it!? 🙂 I’ve been eating a lot of potatoes, but that’s kinda my jam. I could live off potatoes and cheese!!!!! Eggs are definitely up there.. Have a great one Erin! -Iva

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