Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday! I had typed up this whole post and then lost it, so let me jump right into the weekend since there is a lot to report!


Since I forgot about the farmer’s markets opening up at the beginning of this month (sacrilege!), we went to two to make up for it.  The first was one we usualy go to and the second was at a planned community not too far from us.

Baby chickens!


I noticed a lot more gluten-free stands this year as well.  This is not one, but I forgot to take a picture.





The idea behind the planned community is basically a co-op.  People build their houses and receive a share of the land and the spoils of the farm.  The only downside is that they houses are about 251586451654 dollars.  Did that stop us from touring model homes? Definitely not.

Here is Neil aghast that they stole his kitchen counter idea for our future home:


I also found a lot of these murder rooms in many of the houses:


In case you need an elevator to carry a body to your murder room:


Here is a home theater perhaps to watch your murder room:


They had giant washer/dryer rooms with these small showers.  That is a plastic dog.  I am assuming you are supposed to wash your animals in there.  Murder room clean up?


This bedroom had the largest vase/stick motif I have ever seen.



Sunday we went to a cookout at a friend’s farm.  I love farms and nature so it was nice to sit around with friends and eat loads of food.  I chopped up a bunch of veggies and made this:



Neil being absurd:


Baby pigs! Parent pigs weren’t too keen on me trying to steal one, but I wouldn’t have been able to anyway since they scuttled away from me.  Not cool pigs.



Random farm pictures because I am an artistic genius:





Monday was pretty uneventful.  I went to yoga in the morning and then spent most of the day doing cleaning things and making food for the week.  It was a great time.  Then we watched the new episode of 24. I am so happy that show is back on.  Who else?

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and I will catch you all tomorrow!

Question of the day: How did you spend your weekend?


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