WIAW: Retreat Edition

Happy Wednesday!  This week has been going by pretty quickly for me which I am not complaining about.  How about you?

I talked yesterday about the retreat I went to over the weekend and today I wanted to share all the food I inhaled while I was there.  I am a big planner and fan of routine, so when I am taken out of that I get a little apprehensive.  I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough healthy choices and would have to resort to eating the grass outside my tent.  We also weren’t supposed to bring food because it could attract wildlife, but I may or may not have brought along a few Lara bars in case I got hungry.  Maybe that explains my baby deer interaction.  Also I wanted to meet a bear, but sadly they didn’t want my bars.

In case you are unfamiliar with What I Ate Wednesday, check out Jenn’s blog for all the info and a chance for you linkup with your own eats!


This was my breakfast for the weekend.  Eggs, banana, tomato, fruit, blueberry pancake thingy.  I skipped the pancake the second day because I realized they were frozen and reheated and just tasted weird in general.  I thought I’d go WILD and eat some gluten, but it wasn’t worth it.



This first lunch is from Wegmans on my way to the retreat.  All sorts of greens and veggies and delicious.


Kale and strawberry salad, awesome grilled burger.


Ok this was not at the retreat either. Sunday afternoon on my way back I met Neil for lunch at The Counter and got this awesome veggie burger with some BASIL pesto on the side.



Friday was a potluck, so everyone brought dishes.  I had some kale salad, Mediterranean edamame salad, and some awesome tuna/chickpea/tomato creation.  I had seconds of that.


Saturday night was more kale salad, veggies, grilled chicken, and some type of fish.


I ate a couple Lara bars as snacks between meals, but I was really impressed by all the food that was available.  Looking at it all makes me hungry again!

Question of the day: What have you eaten lately?



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