Expo East Confirmation!

Hello friends!

I found out last night that my press application was accepted for Expo East this year.  I had just started my blog last year when they had their annual trade show and hadn’t made enough of a name for myself to get accepted.  I read everyone’s reviews of it and then Expo West a little while later.  I wanted to go so badly and was determined to get in this year.


Expo East “brings together the natural, organic and healthy-lifestyle industry with thousands of products from passionate manufacturers, inspiring and practical education, and networking events where you will meet the contacts that will carry your business through its next stage of growth” (source).

So I applied and received confirmation last night that I have been added to the press list and will receive a complimentary press pass to explore all of the bajillion stands and report back to everyone.  I AM SO EXCITED.  I am counting down the days until I get to lose myself in this maze:

expofloorSO MANY SAMPLES.  It feels good that my work on this blog has allowed me to reach out and attend events like these as well as other conferences (hello FitBloggin in 2 weeks!!).  On top of the feedback I get from you guys, this helps me feel like I can continue to help others!


Question of the day: Are any other bloggers headed to the expo? If not, register so we can be friends!



  1. I went to Expo East last year and it was amazing-I’m talking TONS of samples! I’ll be there Friday cause of weddings that wknd-we should meet up!

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