Taping Tuesday

Hello friends!

I am happy to report that today is much less eventful at work and my brain feels ready to do the things it is supposed to.  I am very comfortable in routine and repetition so whenever things change from that my brain says WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.  I am able to adapt to change much  quicker than I used to (which was not at all), but my brain still wants to shut down after a prolonged amount of it.

I wanted to go to yoga last night, but I decided to go home and take care of myself instead.  I didn’t foresee myself handling the heat and concentration very well.  I’ll be back for my normal Thursday night class though.  To make up for it, I am planning on running before work tomorrow and I will let you know how my knee holds up.  So far so good on my last two runs.  It’s going to be rough with the humidity in the morning, but I’ll muster through.

So I went home and read and watched 24.  A pretty awesome evening if you ask me.  I dropped Neil off at the airport this morning and he’s back tomorrow night, so I have the evening to myself.  After work I am meeting up with someone from the recovery center that I spoke for last month so that she can videotape me.  That saves me taking off work and driving back to MD which is helpful.  I think they also mentioned wanting to take it to some kind of summit with MD fancy pants political people as they try and work on combating the problem of substance abuse in the state.



That’s really all I have for today. I think I feel like making some food that I can eat for lunch the rest of the week or some snacks or something.  Help me!  I’m probably going to spend the rest of my break buying kombucha and preparing for tonight.  Wish me luck!!

Question of the day: Have you ever been taped for a speech? What do I make tonight??


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