WIAW: Savannah Edition

Happy Wednesday!

In an attempt to stretch this FitBloggin recap out as long as possible, I am here on this sweltering Wednesday to share with you all the awesome eats that I had during my time in Savannah.  To share your recent eats or to read about what What I Ate Wednesday is all about, check out Jenn’s blog.


The main excitement on Thursday was my stop at Panera on the way to Savannah.  I usually get the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad without dressing, but when I looked at the menu I noticed that they had a new Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken salad (or some order of those words).  I got it without dressing since I like my salads plain, but the dressing is where the poppyseeds are, so if anyone has had it let me know how it is! I also got the same thing on the way back to Virginia because I am unadventurous.


We didn’t end up getting dinner until almost 10pm and I was STARVING. We found a Mexican place where I got this salad. Very authentic with the croutons on top.



The food spreads at the conference were awesome. My breakfasts were kind of plain because I couldn’t have a lot that was there.  There was an awesome arrangement of yogurt and toppings as well as oatmeal, but with my no dairy and gluten those were out.




Lunch was put on by Run Disney and I loaded up my plate with lots of quinoa and vegetables.  So good.


We had tapas for dinner, so I had like 5 plates of each because I was starving from double workouts during the day. There was pork with peach salsa, short ribs, tomatoes and mozzarella sticks, and some tomato bisque with a hidden shrimp at the bottom. That was my favorite.





Again, breakfast wasn’t terribly exciting or colorful: egg white frittata w/asparagus and some roasted potatoes.


We found a restaurant that wasn’t bar food or deep fried southern food (!) and ended up going there for both lunch and dinner.  If you are ever in Savannah, check out Kayak Kafe!

For lunch I got the Mexican Chicken Salad: romaine hearts, roasted chicken, pico, black beans, avocado, crisp tortilla strips.


For dinner I had their black eyed pea burger without a bun on top of extra greens.


At the conference they were serving desserts and sweet tea. Make sure to pick up some pralines when you are down there.  The best pralines are the ones they are making in the store when you go in.  It smells like heaven.



After running a 10K that morning, I came back and devoured eggs and all the fruit.


As I said earlier, I had the same salad at Panera for lunch. When I got home around 9 pm, Neil had this waiting for me which I managed to devour in a manner of minutes.


So those are my eats from my extended weekend. Make sure to check back tomorrow for my final recap of FitBloggin!

Question of the day:  What have you been eating lately? What’s your favorite meal of the day?



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